Woman Who Brutally Murdered Cousin Learns Her Fate

A woman has been convicted of murder, and she's now learned the extent of her sentence. The woman, who showed no remorse for the murder of her young cousin, has been sentenced to death. The Arizona woman is only the third woman in the state on death row. Jurors say it wasn't an easy decision, but they finally agreed that she deserved the death penalty for her crimes.

In June, 29-year-old Sammantha Allen was convicted of first-degree murder. Her 10-year-old cousin Ame Deal, stole an ice pop. Sammantha and her husband, John Allen, locked the little girl in an outdoor plastic storage box overnight.

It was July, and temperatures in Phoenix soared over 100 degrees that day. Ame suffocated to death in the box.

The couple at first denied having any role in the girl's death. They said that Ame's death was accidental. They said Ame went into the box herself during a game of hide-and-seek and remained there for hours. No one realized she was in there, the couple said.

Later, the Allens admitted that Ame was put into the box, which was padlocked so she couldn't get out.

After the first-degree murder conviction, the jury had to deliberate and decide whether Mrs. Allen deserved life in prison, or a death sentence. The jury deliberated for five days, and decided on the death sentence.

Juror Anne Schaad told KTVK, "Lack of remorse was the biggest thing that played into it for us, that we didn't see that from Samantha throughout the whole process."

Chuck Pritchett, another juror, said, "It definitely wasn't easy, that's for sure."

The jury finally did get to see Allen cry. When the sentence was read, she began crying in court.

One of the things the jury said they took into account was that Ame had been abused prior to the murder. It wasn't the first time the child had been locked in the storage box. She'd also been forced to eat dog feces, crush aluminum cans with her bare feet and drink hot sauce as punishments. She was routinely beaten with a wooden paddle, kicked in the face, or thrown into the cold swimming pool.

"The years of abuse that she suffered and it was probably happenstance that this result didn't occur before it did," said juror Ann Opseth.

"No one knew this was happening to Ame until she died. And I feel that there are possibly a lot more children out there that are not having a good home life that we don't know about. And that's one of the biggest things I took away from this," said Schaad.

Other members of Ame's family living in the home were found guilty of child abuse for being complicit in her living situation. Her father, aunt and grandfather had all been charged with attempted child abuse, and her father and aunt were sentenced to prison terms for their parts.

Allen is the 55th woman condemned to die in the U.S. Arizona is struggling to buy execution drugs since pharmaceutical companies started blocking products for lethal injections.

John Allen's trial is slated for October.

Source: Opposing Views
Photo: KPHO

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