Woman Who Was Shot By 'Long Island Lolita' Makes Big Announcement

Back in May of 1992, a salacious scandal emanated from Long Island that you would swear was ripped from the pages of a best-selling thriller. This story had it all: sex, infidelity, forbidden love, and unfortunately, a shooting victim.

Thankfully, the victim would hang on and survive. She had to undergo nine hours of surgery, and she was never quite the same. Fast forward to today, and she’s taking another step towards getting back to normal. As the New York Daily News shares, Mary Jo Buttafuoco has recently undergone some innovative facial surgery.

Buttafuoco was shot in the head by her husband’s lover, 17-year-old Amy Fisher, who would go on to be dubbed the ‘Long Island Lolita.’ Fisher’s relationship with Buttafuoco's husband, Joey, was exposed for all to see as the scandal played out in the media.

This was before the days of folks grabbing their news on the internet, but there was gobs of coverage in newspapers and on television news broadcasts.

Fisher shot Buttafuoco outside of her Long Island home. She was arrested and eventually found guilty after a tawdry trial that aired all kinds of dirty laundry. Fisher spent seven years behind bars for her actions.

She would go on to become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon, and the case was depicted in a number of films and documentaries.

As for Buttafuoco, she had to undergo nine hours of surgery and spend two days on a respirator. She would emerge with a partially paralyzed face, but she was able to make a description of her attacker to police.

Fast forward to today, and she’s taken care of one of the lingering effects from her ordeal, thanks to California plastic surgeon Dr. Babak Azzizadeh.

"There are certain muscles that are obstructing her from smiling so we are going to rewire her nerves," Azzizadeh explained on ‘Inside Edition.’

"It affects your self-esteem," Buttafuoco explained. "It does, when you can't put on a bright smile."

Her daughter, Jessie, noted how pleased the family is with the results of the procedure.

"She doesn't think of herself as pretty [or] beautiful and it's completely the opposite," Jessie said. "She is the most beautiful person I know inside and out."

Judging by the before and after photos, it looks like the procedure was successful. Buttafuoco looks fantastic, and she sounds like she’s awfully pleased with the amazing results as well.

"It’s the first time in 25 years that when I smile, I can see the side of my teeth," she added.

Hopefully, her new look gives her a small sense of solace. What happened to her was awful enough, but to have that horrible situation play out on a daily basis in the news cycle is beyond comprehension. She’s obviously quite a strong lady to have been able to hang on and even persevere after such a traumatizing series of events, and we wish her nothing but the best as she enjoys the rest of her life with her beautiful new smile.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: YouTube, Oprah, People

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