Woman Wins Lottery and Spends Money On Housing Homeless Man

In Wareham, Massachusetts, Sofia Andrade won $200 from a scratch card. She was excited, but a few seconds later noticed Glenn Williams shaking in the cold. That's when she decided how she wanted to spend her money.

Temperatures had dipped to -22 C. She then used her winning to buy him a cup of coffee and pay for him to stay in a motel for two nights. She then set up a GoFundMe page that has raised $5,000 in two days. He had a sign that read, "Anything would help." She also learned that local shelters had run out of space.

Williams, overwhelmed with her generosity, started crying. On the GoFundMe page she wrote, "As a single mom of three, he made me realize that even when I think things are hard it's nothing in comparison to someone else."

Glenn had been homeless for three years. He told WCBV, "I couldn't believe there's somebody like her. She deserves a lot of credit for where I am right now." After her story went viral, a local barber offered to give Williams a haircut. Others donated warm clothes. Andrade can now stay at the motel for another week.

Andrade is looking for ways to set up a permanent home with the remaining money. Andrade added, "I didn't do this to be a hero. I did this because everyone deserves to be treated with compassion no matter who they are."

Photo: Youtube

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