Woman Calls Mom While On Train To Talk About Money Stress, Then Finds Stranger Left Her A Gift

With the negative headlines that we read every day, it's hard to remember how many truly good people there are out there in the world. That's because the kindest, most generous people don't want to be acknowledged for their good deeds.

They don't want the credit or the publicity, they just want to make a difference in the lives of others. One woman in the U.K. was riding home on the train and unexpectedly ran into one of these good Samaritans.

She just wishes she could find the mystery person to give them a proper 'thank you'.

Ella Johannessen was struggling financially. The recent University graduate is still struggling to get a foothold in her finances and had just had a bit of a mishap with the bank.

She found herself overdrawn by about $50 but had no idea where the money had gone.

Johannessen got on a train that afternoon and called her mother to vent.

"I was rather stressed and upset over my financial situation and was trying to locate what had happened to £35 that had been sent to me over a bank transfer. I spoke to her about how little money I had, how worried I was about my finances and I got upset," she said.

After talking with her mother for a while, the young woman hung up the phone and drifted off to sleep. About a half hour later, she woke up and found something unusual: a napkin had been left on her lap.

It wasn't her napkin, and she didn't know where it came from. When she moved it, she was shocked to find there was money underneath it: £100, or approximately $140 USD.

"I started to cry – this is because I was incredibly thankful for your kindness to someone you don't even know," she wrote in a Facebook account of the experience. "After a terrible 18 months where I lost my father and both of his parents it showed me that there is kindness and good people in the world."

Johannessen is looking to spread the word. She's asking people to share her post because she hopes that her anonymous donor will get wind of it and see how grateful she is for the generosity.

She also wants the stranger to know that she promises to pay it forward someday.

Finally, she's hoping that the post will inspire others who are capable of giving to perform their own random acts of kindness.

Imagine if everyone played ‘secret Santa’ all year round by leaving little gifts for others in need? What a world it would be.

Others hopped on the post to share their own remarkable stories about random acts of kindness. Others, who didn't have money to share, wanted to share hope.

"I've been in a sh--ty financial situation a good few years ago now – I was living on 10p noodles because that's all I could afford I promise that it does get better," wrote one person.

"Contrary to what the media would have you believe, there are so many good people out there. It’s good to hear stories like this," said another.

"It restores your faith."

Source: IB Times
Photo: Pexels, Ella Johannessen/Facebook

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