You May Not Realize It Looking At This Baby, But He's A Miracle Of Modern Science

There are 251 babies born every minute, but most of them are born in much the same way. Once in a while, though, there is a baby who is here despite enormous odds against it. Parents from Sweden are celebrating the first birthday of their little guy, who was a medical marvel.

He is the first baby to have been born after a womb transplant.

Claes Nilsson and Malin Stenberg of Sweden took part in a project that made it possible for them to have their baby, Vincent. The mom was a pioneer of science, and it paved the way for doctors to make the experimental procedure more accessible to other hopeful couples that want to become parents.

Stenberg suffers from Rokitansky syndrome, a disorder that affects the female reproductive system. A woman with this syndrome may have an underdeveloped uterus, or to be missing one altogether.

Stenberg had been told by doctors that it would be impossible for her to have children when she was just 15 years old because she didn't have a womb.

At 15, like so many young women, Stenberg had dreamed of growing up and becoming a mother. She was devastated.

“I wasn’t ready to hear it, I couldn’t take it in. I thought that this means that I’ll never be able to carry a child of my own – but that is what women are made for. It felt so unfair. I loved kids and babies and I wanted to know what I had done to deserve this. I felt so alone," she said.

In time, Stenberg accepted the devastating news and learned to live with the situation. When she met Nilsson, a former competitive golfer, she began getting those tugs at her heart again wishing that she could have a baby.

Stenberg was 35 and Nilsson was 40, and the two were ready to take on the fertility challenge. They considered surrogacy, adoption, and various other options. That's when they came across a new experimental procedure: womb transplant.

Stenberg volunteered to be a guinea pig for Gothenburg University. Scientists were taking on the project of implanting wombs into nine young women. Most of the organs were donated by the mothers of the patients, who were past childbearing years and no longer needed their wombs.

Stenberg was given the amazing gift from a friend of the family. Ewa Rosen, a 61-year-old woman, donated her womb to the young couple.

It was a risky procedure and pregnancy. Previous attempts at womb transplants had failed. Thankfully for Stenberg, the procedure was a success. She managed to get pregnant with IVF treatments and it worked on the first attempt. After a very careful pregnancy of 'walking on eggshells', she gave birth to a baby boy. Vincent was two months premature, but otherwise healthy.

Rosen is Vincent’s godmother.

Now, at one year old, the biggest fears are behind the family. Vincent is thriving.

“Today it feels like we went from nothing at all to having this wonderful boy,” Stenberg said. “It’s more than 100 percent. We are more than happy with this. I couldn’t wish for more.”

The couple doesn't plan to test fate. They won't be having any more children, and Stenberg has had the donated womb removed. But thanks to Vincent's birth, what doctors have learned from his parents' journey to bring him into this world will benefit many children to come.

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