56-Year-Old Woman Shines in Sports Illustrated

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated is getting a makeover, with models of all ages. In fact, Nicola Griffin, 56, appears in a stunning ad for swim retailer, Swimsuits for All. The gorgeous Griffin is the oldest woman to appear in the swimsuit issue.

In addition, Griffin is featured along with plus-size model Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao for the retailers #SwimSexy campaign. The message is body confidence for women of all shapes.

All three women rock matching gold bikinis, shot by Russell James. Griffin shared, “People think you lose your sex appeal as you get older – but that’s a myth. I have two daughters and I’m so proud they get to see me looking sexy and confident in a bathing suit." On Instagram, Griffin posted a photo from the campaign and added the caption, “It’s never to late to put on a bikini."

Photos: Swimsuits For All

Griffin is the oldest woman to appear in the swimsuit issue.

Philomena Kwao rocks a gorgeous gold bikini for the swimsuit retailer.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham also appears in the ad for the retailers #SwimSexy campaign.

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