Babysitter Does The Unthinkable To Child - Parents Get Arrested

A child’s parents are supposed to build a loving, safe and caring home environment. Sadly, many parents fundamentally fail to care for their children, exposing them to violence, abuse and negligence on a daily basis. A tragic case has emerged from Oklahoma after 25-year-old Patrick Eddy and 26-year-old Candace Matthews were arrested by the Ada Police Department on charges of child neglect.

While an unnamed teenage girl was babysitting their 2-week-old daughter, Mr. Eddy and Ms. Matthews received an urgent call from the babysitter telling them to come home immediately.

When the young parents got back to the house, they discovered their child, crying and covered in horrible burns after the babysitter had run a bath for the child and forgot to turn on the cold tap. The child was obviously in dire need of medical attention but a befuddled Ms. Matthews breezily told the babysitter that she wasn’t going to take the child to the hospital "because she was high on meth."

In a further disturbing turn of events, when the worried mother of the babysitter visited Ms. Matthews and Mr. Eddy’s residence, she found them asleep while their baby cried in a soiled diaper. The furious mother woke up Ms. Matthews who lazily agreed to let the complete stranger take her child to the hospital for treatment.

Paramedics were horrified when they saw the badly burned infant, immediately putting the baby on a helicopter to a better equipped facility. While these developments would have any normal parents praying for their child’s life, Mr. Eddy and Ms. Matthews remained asleep and uncaring.

Eventually, police arrived at the negligent couple’s home, placing them under arrest and initiating an immediate request for social services to intervene. As a result of the incident and lack of immediate treatment, the young baby’s burns have affected 40% of her body, necessitating at least a month of recuperation at a burn center in Texas.

Source: Inside Edition
Photo: Inside Edition

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