Can You See What Melania Did Wrong In This Picture?

When you’re the First Lady of the United States, people are always watching to see what you’re wearing. As in all the time. There is no wiggle room for ‘comfy clothes,’ as you’re expected to look your best at all times.

That’s not too challenging for Melania Trump, who dazzles regardless of what she wears. Photos of FLOTUS become a hot commodity on social media as soon as they’re uploaded, as everyone wants to get a gander at what she’s wearing. As Yahoo shares, that was especially true for photos that made the rounds of a recent wedding she attended.

As we all know, the bride is the star of the day. Traditionally, the bride puts a ton of effort into looking her best. Guests tend to respect that fact, and the bride is fawned over and complimented all day.

Of course, that may happen a little less when the First Lady is in attendance, as guests will certainly want to pay their respects there as well. For the wedding in question, Melania looked fantastic as always. In fact she may have looked a little too good, and she committed a bit of a wedding day faux pas to boot.

“The 47-year-old Slovenian-born wife of US President, Donald Trump, caused heads to turn over the weekend when she attended a wedding in Washington. The couple was pictured at the nuptials of US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Scottish-born actress, Louise Linton,” Yahoo shares.

“However we couldn’t help but notice that Melania decided to don an off-white dress for the day, going against rule one in the wedding guest rule book.”

Whoops! While Melania looked fabulous, the bride didn’t look all that pleased - at least judging by the expression on her face in the photos with the First Lady.

“Melania is seen beaming in one photo in her sleeveless J. Mendel gown, which features a ruffled top and a long, flowing skirt. She matched the pastel piece with a pair of nude Manolo Blahniks and kept her make-up fresh and flawless,” Yahoo adds.

“But one person who can’t be seen smiling in the group shot is the bride herself. Perhaps she’s fuming at being upstaged on her wedding day by none other than the First Lady of the United States? But let's face it, that would have happened regardless of her outfit!”

For what it’s worth, the blushing bride looked fantastic as well.

“The bride wowed in a custom-made gown by Toronto designer Ines Di Santo and also wore Manolo Blahnik heels,” Yahoo reports.

To place things in perspective for the bride, how many couples can claim that they had the First Couple in attendance at their nuptials? Not all that many.

To be perfectly frank, she would have been upstaged regardless of what Melania was wearing.

While it may be easier said than done, it’s best to take it in stride and enjoy the day. Hopefully, that’s what the bride was able to do for her special day, even if the spotlight was a little dimmer than it would normally be.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: Yahoo, White House, US Embassy

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