People Outraged When They See Kim Kardashian's Line For Kids

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West have introduced a new children's clothing line. The couple was excited to reveal it because they claim they've made all of their children's clothing thus far. It's a little difficult to envision Kardashian spending hours at a sewing machine stitching together a fur coat, so it's probably safe to assume that they mean they've had all their children's clothing custom-made by others. The couple might not know as much about children's deigns as they think, though. After the exciting release, a number of disturbed viewers slammed Kardashian on social media for some of the sexiest little girl clothing yet.

Apparently, Kardashian wants her little girl to get an early jump on following in her footsteps. She's always seemed to enjoy dressing up the little girl to look a lot like her famous mommy. In fact, some of North's outfits look like they came directly out of Kardashian's closet and were run through a shrink ray. North has sported fuzzy coats, tutus with leather jackets, halters with lacy overlay dresses, and a slip dress with a corset.

Reminder: the child is four years old.

According to some reports, Kardashian has had to bribe her daughter with lollipops to wear the outfits. The mom's choices have always been somewhat questionable for her little girl, but she seems to think dressing toddlers as miniature adults is appropriate. This is reflected in her latest fashion line.

What does Kardashian believe that every three-year-old needs in her summer wardrobe? Would you believe a leopard-print slip dress and matching fuzzy leopard-print open-toed slippers? This is just an example of the kinds of clothes turning heads in Kardashian's kids' line.

"This is a dress from #kimkardashian Kids' Supply clothing line... super inappropriate, no?" tweets one mom about the slip dress, complete with a lacy-edged thigh slit.

"But why do you think this is appropriate for kids?" Another person tweeted, asking Kardashian directly.

"What does Kim Kardashian want these kids to look like?" asked another.

Another head-turning item that Kardashian said was one of North's 'favorites' is a tiny velour orange bikini with a matching slip dress cover-up.

"Safe to say I will not be putting my daughter in any of this," tweeted one person with a photo of the bikini.

"I've never had a problem with two pieces for kids until now... really @kimkardashian how is this appropriate?" asked another user.

"Kim Kardashian is a bird brain. Why is she selling a silk, leopard print dress with lace and a velvet bikini on her kids' line," a commenter said.

"Baby girl don't you have kids, don't do that. When you have kids, you don't even wear a Bikini, it's not motherly," said another.

Kardashian hasn’t responded to the criticism over her little girl’s line. It’s a good example of how the super-rich and super-trendy reality star lives in a completely different world than ‘regular’ people and is completely out of touch.

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Twitter users were shocked by the clothes.

The consensus was that they are far from appropriate for children.

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