Best Toyota SUVs of 2022

Toyota SUV designs are geared towards your unique comfort and convenience. The brand Toyota has been around for ages and is synonymous with reliability, comfort, and longevity. Cruise in a Toyota SUV for the ultimate ride. Toyota SUVs have an impressive range and downright luxurious functionality. Toyota’s reputation is listed as the car of choice for reliability, affordability, and diverse style.


Toyota SUVs are known for their safety as well as their long-lasting style. Safety is one of the essential things to consider when purchasing a new van. One of the most prestigious acknowledgments from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is the top safety pick and top safety pick+. Many Toyota rides have received this designation in the past few years and in 2022. 


Toyota vehicles are praised for their cost efficiency due to their longevity. Save on buying another car for a long time. That’s the most anyone can ask for. Purchasing a vehicle can be a hassle with loopholes and hard decisions. The most tiresome part of the purchase is the amount of money. Saving on buying a new car for a few years is one of the prime luxuries of purchasing a Toyota SUV. 

Diversity of Style

Toyota has a long, serious lineup of cars. Diverse in style, there is a Toyota model for everyone. SUVs are still universally liked for their spacious and roomy build. Toyota offers a variety of looks, from pick-up trucks to minivans. There is a Toyota ride for everybody. 

Best Toyota Ride  

Luxury Highlander SUV

Take advantage of new SUV deals with a 2022 luxury highlander from Toyota. The Toyota Highlander is renowned for its safety, style, and durability. Tackle difficult roads and bask in fuel efficiency beyond comparison. The luxury highlander SUV has a fuel efficiency of 35 mpg with city and highway combined. Impressive and unbeatable with an SUV of this size. Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, this luxury highlander has a pre-collision system with pedestrian safety sense. It touts luxury high power and automatic high beams. Safe and effective, it’s no surprise that this SUV is the top safety pick+ from the IIHS. 

2022 Toyota Sienna

Another top safety pick, The Toyota Sienna is also equipped with Toyota safety sense. Everything in the highlander and the Sienna exemplifies reliability, comfort, and design. A non-traditional minivan with all the traditional space, adventure, and drive you can expect from a Toyota SUV of this size. The Toyota Sienna has a 25-year-old legacy of providing luxurious space for a ride for one or a team of five.

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