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Americans Taking More Vacations Is One Of The Biggest Risks To The Market

Strategist and market bear, Albert Edwards, has urged Americans to enjoy their vacations while they last, warning that overconfidence in rising wages may be presenting a huge threat to the market. Mr. Edwards has flagged waning wage growth as the root of America’s imminent market crash, highlighting an ‘out of wack’ relationship between inflation and…

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The Poor Keep Getting Poorer: What The Unemployment Rate Isn’t Telling You

Even as unemployment reaches a 17-year low, America’s wealth gap continues to increase. According to the Federal Reserve, the top 1 percent of Americans hold 38.6 percent of the nation’s wealth. Conversely, the racial wealth gap for low-income families appears to have shrunk since the recession. However, this is not due to an improvement in…

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Workers In America Have Shorter Lifespan And A Longer Working Life

It’s not good news for workers in America. New research shows that U.S. life expectancy is now decreasing rather than increasing. To make matters worse, a recent data release on the U.S. labor force indicates that American workers are working longer than ever and experiencing less healthy and shorter retirements. Bloomberg lists some of the…

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Media Industry Heads Jockey For Power In A Game Of Thrones-Like Struggle For Dominance

The old balance of power in the media industry has crumbled and burned. Ever since AT&T stated its intentions to buy Time Warner, media companies and investors have been scrambling to make deals and solidify their position in the industry’s rapidly changing power structure. The chaos is underpinned by broader changes affecting the media industry….