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Kevin Wood is suing Charles County Public Schools , where his daughter attends high school, because the school has banned

Woman Sends Creepy Messages About Neighbor's Children

Carrie Pernula, 36, is a Minnesota woman who admitted to sending anonymous and creepy notes to her neighbors.

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Muslims Investigated For Entering Florida Synagogue

Police interrogated a terminally ill Muslim woman after she walked into a synagogue in North Miami, according to the Daily

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Two students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater posted a photo on social media that has gone viral.

Mom Saves Kidnapped Daughter with iPhone App

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New Paper Argues That Milder Forms of Genital Mutilation Be Tolerated

When intentionally altering female genital organs for non-medical reasons, it is called female genital mutilation or FGM.

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Donald Ritchie has lived near a cliffside where tragically people would go to commit suicide.

Uber Shooter Victim Survives After Being Shot in Head

On Saturday, Abigail Kopf, 14, was shot in the head in Kalamazoo, Michigan by the Uber shooter.