Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Toxic relationships are more common than you might think. This is one reason so many relationships and marriages fail. A toxic relationship is basically an unhealthy relationship that doesn’t get better but gets progressively worse. Are you in a toxic relationship? Here are some signs that you are:

Do you feel bad a lot?

If you feel bad a lot and are unhappy in your relationship, it’s probably toxic. Are you anxious a lot? Does your partner verbally abuse you? Make fun of you? Have extreme expectations that you can’t meet?

Sure, relationships have normal highs and lows, but with honest communication things can normally be resolved quite quickly. If you and your partner are at odds most of the time and you feel terrible a lot, your relationship needs some help.

Is there cheating going on?

If you or your partner is cheating emotionally or physically, you’re in a toxic relationship. There’s no excuse for cheating and it should be a deal breaker. If you suspect your partner is cheating, have a serious discussion. If you’re cheating, do the right thing and either end your affair or end your relationships. There should be no tolerance for cheating.

Is jealousy prevalent?

If you or your partner is jealous all the time, it is not good for your relationship. Jealousy acts like a poison and will infect your relationship sometimes beyond repair. If jealousy is occurring, sit down and have a conversation. Be truthful with one another and if you can’t come to a resolution, consider professional counseling.

Is someone codependent?

If codependency is going on in your relationship, it is toxic. Codependent people are clingy and needy and attach in an unhealthy way to their partner in order to have a void fulfilled. They are insecure and NEED their partner’s presence in order to feel happy and can be very controlling and manipulative. There is help for codependency such as Codependent’s Anonymous or counseling.

If you think your relationship is toxic, honestly take a look at the matter. Life is too short to be miserable in a relationship. Get the help you need either by reading about solutions or go to a relationship counselor for a period of time. Many couples have gotten through toxicity by opening up to professional help. There are counselors in your community or you can opt to receive online counseling if your schedule is jam-packed. The point is to do something about your toxic relationship. You’re worth it.

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