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How To Make A Reading Nook In Your Bedroom

If you happen to like reading as a hobby or if you tend to have some work to do away from the office, making a little spot in your bedroom for a reading nook is a wonderful idea. Many people admit that reading makes them feel relaxed and happy. With the many e-readers available today, it is easy to have hundreds of books at your fingertips.

Creating an inviting reading nook does not take a lot of time or space. With some creative juices flowing and a bit of furniture, you’ll be plopped down in your reading chair with your legs kicked up in no time. Here are some great ideas to create your bedroom reading nook.

1. Decide on a spot. All you need is a little spot where there is room to put a chair and a small table. This is good news for those who have small bedrooms. If by chance you have a large closet and a small bedroom, you could put your reading nook in your closet. Or you could put your dresser in the closet, which will free up some space in your bedroom.

2. Go chair shopping. Think comfortable when you go chair shopping, as you will likely spend hours in that chair engulfed in exciting stories. Choose the size of the chair with the amount of space in mind. You do not need a humongous chair; a small, cozy chair will suffice. An ottoman is a great addition as well so you can put your feet up. If your budget is tight, consider hitting the thrift stores or yard sales to find a suitable used chair and ottoman.

3. Add a table. You might already have a small table to put beside your chair, but if not, head out to the stores to choose one that will fit nicely beside your chair. Having a table will come in handy for setting your book or e-reader on, as well as drinks. If you know a handy person, see if they will build you a customized table just the way you want it.

4. Have suitable lighting. You might want to add a lamp to your table so that there is an abundance of light available as you read. Consider a three-way lamp so you can adjust the lighting for your needs and mood.

5. Have a variety of books. If you have an e-reader, then you’re all set with a variety of books at your fingertips. If you don’t, have several books at your reading nook to choose from when you sit down to read. One day you might want to read that personal development book that’s been on your mind and another day a steamy romance book.

Once you have completed these steps, you should have a nice, comfortable reading nook in your bedroom that you can escape to whenever you want. Many people cuddle up with their books right before bedtime or take a break from the noise and busyness of children throughout the day. You have every right to let the family know every so often that you are headed for a “reading” break. Enjoy your little get-away spot and all of the books you will be reading from here on out.

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