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Home Decorating Tips For Summertime

Summer is a season of relief in many countries, whereas in some countries summer may be the season of dread. No matter where you are, summer is a season that calls for unique home décor ideas. Home décor can make your home light and airy enough to not make summer a dreadful season. Here are a few tips on keeping the décor light for summer.

Light Colors are Key

Summer calls for light colors that can easily reflect the sunlight. Darker colors tend to make the home warmer, and in countries where summers can get hot, this is sure to be highly uncomfortable. Light colors do not mean that one needs to stick to just white and its different shades. Colors like yellow, orange, pink and green are welcome additions. Try to stick to the lighter shades of the colors instead of the deeper darker shades.

Make Colors Interesting

This season is the perfect time to turn all the walls a pristine white. But if that is too dull for you then you can add exciting patterns and prints of various colors. Striped wallpapers and furniture covers can be a good way of adding new dimensions to old designs. A popular print that is common for summer and spring décor is that of leaves. Different colors and patterns of leaf prints can be added to everything from cushion covers to throw rugs. When it comes to prints and patterns you have more freedom since they cover small areas using darker colors and can make the décor more striking instead of uncomfortable and dreary.

Remove the Rugs

Rugs may be a welcoming feel for your feet during the cooler months, but during summer prefer to bare your floor. This is only possible if the rugs are removable and can be a problem for people with wall to wall carpets. But if you can remove the rugs then do so. The rug can act as insulation, which can only make you uncomfortable in the hotter months.

Go Natural

Natural fabrics like linen, hemp, cotton, and flax can be used to make covers and window treatments cooler and lighter. Bamboo is also good for cooling effect. So, window treatments made of bamboo or bamboo furniture can be good for summer months. Adding an indoor plant can also be helpful since the leaves can offer oxygen circulation as well as a very light breeze at times.


Strategically placing vessels of water can be cooling as well as good as per Feng Shui. Portable miniature water fountains can add the effect of a bubbling stream in your home. The direction of the water flow can be beneficial as per Feng Shui. Apart from water fountains you can keep small bowls of water and add a few bright flower petals to the bowl. This can be aesthetically pleasing and the evaporating water can also be cooling. If you want to keep flowers, then use a makeshift flower vase using transparent glass bottles. This can display the water adding a cooling effect for the eyes.

These are merely a few ways in which one can decorate the home in summer months.

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