Here Are Some Great Natural Sources Of Probiotics

According to medical experts, people need ‘good’ bacteria in their gut and digestive system in order to prevent illnesses and maintain overall health. ‘Good’ bacteria are often killed by medications such as bacteria. Fortunately, ‘good’ bacteria can come in many forms which include supplements, food, and beverages. These ‘good’ bacteria are known as probiotics and are often necessary for optimal health.

Natural sources of probiotics may be best.

People in Europe and parts of Asia, as well as other areas of the world, have been using fermented milk and yogurt to prevent sickness and to promote health for many years. It is still possible to buy liquid yogurt drinks that have live and active cultures contained in them. These words indicate that there are probiotics in the yogurt.

Look for unpasteurized yogurt because pasteurization kills some of the good bacteria, which is the main reason for eating or drinking yogurt products from a health standpoint.

Other natural sources of probiotics.

Miso is made from fermented soybeans and is often eaten for breakfast in Japan. Soup can be made with it and is served in some areas of the U.S. Gouda cheese is another source of probiotics, and even though most cheeses lose probiotics on their journey through the body, Gouda does not.

Kefir is similar to liquid yogurt and has been consumed for many years to maintain health. You can easily find this drink full of probiotics in the yogurt section of your store. Other milk products full of probiotics are buttermilk or acidophilus milk.

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