drinking as new link to cancer

‘It’s Time to Drink Less’ – Top Doctors Urge People To Stop Drinking As New Link To Cancer Discovered

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has released an unprecedented request to the American people; drink less alcohol. With several years of research linking alcohol with cancer, the nation’s top oncology doctors are warning that even a glass of wine or beer a day could prove fatal.

“ASCO believes that a provocative stance by the Society to minimize excessive exposure to alcohol has important implications for cancer prevention,” the statement concluded. Two major research groups have discovered strong evidence to suggest that alcohol – even as little as a glass of wine or beer a day – increases your risk of developing pre and postmenopausal breast cancer, a fact deduced from studies involving roughly 12 million women as well as approximately 260,000 cases of breast cancer.

While drinking regularly puts you at a higher risk of developing cancer, researchers have assured that every glass of alcohol will not immediately increase your risk of getting cancer.

“We’re not saying no one should ever drink at all – we’re just saying if you do drink, even trying to keep it down to less than one drink a day would be a smart choice,” Alice Bender, the head of nutrition programs for the AICR stressed.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the risks of alcohol-induced cancer. Studies linking cancer to alcohol also found that vigorous exercise was inherently linked to a decrease in breast cancer risk.

Source: Business Insider
Photo: Pixabay

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