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Adding Old World Style and Charm To Your Home

It is so fun to decorate a home in a certain style and there are so many styles to choose from. If Old World style catches your eye, you have chosen a wonderfully tasteful and charming style. If you do not know what Old World style means, it simply means that you decorate in European décor. Many high quality, handmade accents and furniture have been made in this style and can really take a dull home and turn it into a remarkably beautiful home.

Using Old World style to decorate will have you looking at all sorts of furnishings like rustic furniture, leather upholstery, wooden plank floors, accents made of wrought-iron, and thick draperies. Old World style comes across as elegant and regal and resemble the type of décor you would find in old estates. Historic districts are known for Old World style homes and many times you can tour such homes to get ideas on how to decorate your own.


You must learn Old World color styles before embarking on your decorating journey. Go with earthy colors like olive green, dark brown, gold, and brick red. Black is also an acceptable color for accents. Many people go with an antique, parchment look with faux painting. If you cannot do this yourself, there are plenty of professional painters that would gladly assist you. You could also go with wood paneling with crown molding to create a stunning Old World ambiance. Talk about elegance!


Aged wooden plank flooring is probably your best option for Old World style. Many years ago the floors were carefully hand-crafted by skilled carpenters. Such floors are simply rare today, so aged wooden plank ought to give you the best Old World feel. Throwing a Persian rug over top will add elegance to any room.


You must go with wrought-iron light fixtures and sconces for that Old World look and feel. They might not be hand-crafted as much anymore, but there are some companies that do a pretty good job at mimicking the old hand-forged artisans from centuries ago.


Go with oversized, rustic furniture for that elegant, Old World style look. You want your furniture to look like it has been sitting there for centuries and still in graceful shape. You may be able to get great prices on such furniture at estate sales.

Accessories and Windows

Go with heavy drapes like velvet or silk for the windows. The home may be a little dark, but that is typical of Old World style homes. You can also include accessories like hand-crafted frames, antique books, wrought-iron candlesticks, old globes, maps, wooden boxes, and more. Feel free to add some plants to add some green color to rooms and some positive energy.

For more ideas on how to decorate Old World style, simply do a Google image search and see how other people have decorated their home in such a stately fashion. Sometimes it just takes one look at a picture of a room and you know that you want the same type of décor in your room! Have fun with turning your home into an exquisite and elegant Old World style home.

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