Should I Use Black In My Home Décor?

Black has a horrible reputation, doesn’t it? We associate it with things like depression, gloominess, evil, and bad luck (in the case of black cats). But black is actually incredibly essential when it comes to decorating. The color is amazingly versatile and can add elegance to any room that it is used in, but the problem is that most people are afraid to use it because of its reputation.

So what can you do about this? How can you utilize black as a part of your home décor without overdoing it?

Black doesn’t necessarily have to be core of the room that you are decorating (it can be!), but it should at least be a part of it. Some interior decorators believe that every room should have some black to “bring the room together” and prevent it from being “too loud” to those who are visiting your home. It can be as simple as having a black trim, a black bookshelf, or details on a lamp or end table, but it should at least be somewhere.

What do you do if you want to try using black as the base color in a room? It’s actually a great idea, especially for a dining area or a study/library area. Black brings uniformity and elegance, especially if it’s the dominant color in a room. It can also be incredibly relaxing like all neutral colors can be. There are a few guidelines that you should watch when using black as the primary color for a room.

First, make sure that you don’t use it alone – use another dark color (a purple or blue) or another neutral color (nude, white, or gray) in order to dampen the flatness that black alone may bring. Also make sure you’re creative with any molding, etching, and patterns that you have. Basically, what you’re watching out for is making a room too dark, too flat, or too plain. Do what you can to add life to the room.

So, let’s answer the question presented in the title of this article. Should you use black in your home décor? Absolutely!

Black is essential for at least part of any room, and it’s a very interesting color to work with if you decide to make it the primary color that you are using. Don’t be afraid of using black in your home; it can actually help to make your rooms more visually appealing and relaxing.

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