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Decorating Your Home For The Fall Season

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The brilliant colored leaves, crisp morning air, football games and decorating the home! One can have as much fun getting their home ready for fall as they can at Christmas. Bringing the warmth and beauty of fall into the home is simple and inexpensive. From pumpkins, gourds, and fall flowers, you can transform your home into a seasonal wonderland.

Vases can add color to any room in the house.
Gourds make wonderful vases and come in all shapes and sizes to accent the home. Cut a hole in the center of the gourd, large enough to allow for long stem flowers or small fall branches. Using clear vases, place assorted nuts, acorns and pine cones for a little bit of a nature feel.

For larger glass containers, place a pumpkin or apple pie scented pillar candle in the center and arrange popcorn kernels or even candy corn around it. If you have leftover acorns and nuts, mix them up.

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving and setting out on Halloween night anymore.
Use your imagination with a variety of pumpkins (different colors and sizes) that are available. Make a pumpkin basket using a medium size pumpkin, which can easily rest on a flat surface. Carefully carve out an opening to make a handle. Hollow the basket out, line with foil and fill with assorted gourds and smaller pumpkins. Throw in a few dried leaves and you have a colorful centerpiece.

Place an assortment of white pumpkins (pumpkins can be painted any color) along the mantel. Intertwine vines and leaves and you have a unique display. Use pumpkins of different sizes to adorn the stairs and add some fall vines to weave in and out of the banisters for a finishing touch.

Again, painting pumpkins opens up a whole new decorating world. Spray 3 different sized pumpkins silver, using the largest of the 3, create the letter of your family’s last name out of black thumbtacks. You can add embellishments to the other pumpkins. For a more creative look, spray several leaves a shade darker and using the silver thumbtacks, place on the pumpkins. Place black or silver candlesticks at either end and this makes a beautiful centerpiece on an entrance table or fireplace mantel.

Floral swags, in fall colors, convert an ordinary window dressing into a fall spectacular.
There is no rule stating that you can’t bring in small pots of mums. Place several around the windows, in the entrance, on a small table.

Decorating the exterior of your home can be just as fun of a project as the inside.
Use colorful fall flowers in an old wheelbarrow or child’s wagon. Strategically place pumpkins or gourds among the flowers. Find an old wooden chair and paint it burnt orange.

Cut the center of the seat out, large enough to hold a pot of mums.
Feeling particularly artistic, paint leaves and vines on the back of the chair and along the spindles. These are a welcoming sight on your front porch. Make a door wreath using vines, adding tiny gourds, pumpkins, mixed corn cobs, and leaves.

With Fall arriving, we must say goodbye to summer, but we can welcome fall into our homes by using all the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

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