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Tips To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

Property prices are soaring high so it isn’t possible for everyone to buy huge houses with spacious rooms. However, thanks to some small adjustments and simple tricks you can get the maximum out of your small living space and lend it a roomy illusion. You do not need a humongous house to find happiness, as a happy home is simply where happy people dwell- no matter what the size is.

Here are a few tips you can use to make your small space look bigger:

Push the Furniture towards the Wall

In a normal setting, we tend to keep a small gap between the furniture and the wall. However, when your space is limited, pushing it towards the wall offers extra space. It also leaves more open space in the room and hence makes it look bigger.

The Right Use of Colors

Colors are major factors that influence space. Opt for pastel or neutral shades for your walls, upholstery, and furniture as they lend an optical illusion and make the room seem spacious. At the same time, dark shades absorb light and give a clammed feel to the room so avoid dark colors in a limited space setting.

Strategic Positioning of Mirrors

It is a well-known fact that mirrors, when positioned in the right spot can make the room seem bigger. They reflect all types of light making the room look brighter and spacious. However, the trick is to use mirrors appropriately, as you can’t place them in every corner for no reason. You can instead incorporate mirrors on your furniture pieces like cabinet doors, tabletops, etc for the said illusion.

Invest in Smart Furniture

There are a lot of options in furniture, like multipurpose or foldable furniture sets that can be used only when needed and when not in use, can be folded and put away. Invest in tall furniture like cabinets or cupboards so you can make optimum use of the wall space in the cabinet and keep the room clutter-free. You can also opt for a sofa bed in your living room. If you don’t have an extra bedroom it can double up as a bed when you have guests over. A settee with storage space is apt for a small home as you can use the storage in an innovative manner.

Suitable Lighting

Lighting plays an important part in making the house look bigger; the brighter the light, the bigger the room looks and vice versa. It is therefore important for a small room to be well lit. Avoid colored lighting fixtures like red, purple, yellow, etc and opt for white light bulbs. Opt for plenty of ceiling lights, recess lights, table, and floor lamps. You can also leave the windows free from curtains so that more natural light enters the rooms.

These smart tricks can be of optimum use when your living space isn’t spacious. Rather than fretting about having a small space, make the best use of these handy tips to make your home look bigger and spacious.

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