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Convert Your Garage Into An Apartment

Garages are great for parking cars, but do you know that there are some families who are converting garages into living spaces? Yes, when family changes occur like college kids coming home for the summer or a mother-in-law who needs a place to stay, converting your garage into an apartment is a wonderful solution.

In order to do so, there are certain tips and tricks you can learn to make the process smooth. You don’t want your in-law or college kid living in a dark, dreary room that still feels much like an impersonal garage. Here are some helpful tips for you as you go about your garage conversion:

Maximize square footage. Most garages are not that big, so you want to maximize every square inch. Choose smaller pieces of furniture and go for the multi-functional pieces like futons and ottomans. A futon or sofabed can be used for company and yourself to sit on during the day and for sleeping at night. An ottoman can be used to prop your feet up when relaxing or used as a seat when company comes. Choose end tables that are small in size or choose stacking tables. You do not need a lot of furniture in your little apartment; you just need to be creative with multi-functional furniture.

Get creative with storage. Garages don’t come with closets, so you will have to get creative when it comes to storage. You can frame a closet in the garage apartment and utilize the space in that closet wisely. Get some adjustable rods so that you can add additional rows for hanging. For optimal storage space, check out the various closet organizers available. Think adjustable mount wire shelving, shoe racks, bins and baskets, tie racks, etc. when designing your closet space. You can also store some things under your bed or purchase storage bins and stack up in the closet.

Think shelves. When you have a small space, think multiple shelves for your knick-knacks, collectibles, and storage. You can use shelves for towels, books, and so much more. A great places to get shelves for a great price are thrift stores and flea markets. In fact, flea markets are breeding grounds for all sorts of treasures to add pizazz to your garage apartment.

Separate rooms. You might not want your whole apartment wide open, so separate rooms either by building rooms or purchasing a screen that you can open and close between rooms. For example, if you want privacy for your bedroom, place the screen in front of it so that company cannot see it. A screen is more functional because you can remove it easily if you choose to have the place completely open. You can also use area rugs to visually separate rooms. Have one in the living room area and a completely different one for the bedroom.

Garage apartments can sure come in handy when you need extra living space and do not want to add to your home. Do some research online to see how others have taken their garages and converted them nicely and uniquely into apartments. Have fun with your new project of creating a functional living space out of the garage!

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