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Recycled Glass Countertops Are Gorgeous and Eco-Friendly

Recycled glass countertops are among the latest eco-friendly home improvement items. These are made from used and discarded glass bottles, jars, bowls vases, and other glass items. Since a cracked, chipped or broken glass item has other uses, earth-conscious companies, designers and suppliers have begun to recycle these to make beautiful and durable glass countertops for the kitchen, bathrooms, coffee tables, and bar tops. These glass tops are very useful and that’s the reason homeowners are heavily investing in one to complete their eco-friendly kitchen.

How Glass Countertops Are Manufactured

Used glass containers like bottles are collected and processed. Often, they are reheated and recast into countertops. However, there are manufacturers that directly use the chips and compile a non-resin cement base to design stunning glass countertops. These can be made from anything from shower screens, windshields, building window glass panes, art glass as well as mineral water bottles.

Features of Glass Countertops

Durability: First, these are highly durable surfaces. Since green glass is supported by binding cement, it gains a bolster punch of stability. You can use these for years and they show no signs of aging or wear and tear.

Heat Resistance: Glass countertops are usually not affected by heat. Eco-friendly glass countertops are decidedly heat resistant and it is completely safe to cook on them or place hot objects like a dish of just-out-of-the-oven cake. There are specialties in its inner properties that make a recycle glass countertop easy to work on. This is also the reason why they can be installed around fireplaces or fireplace tops.

Slip Resistance: Each of the glass countertops is slip-resistant. This means that they stay on work stations and hold items on their surfaces. Whether it’s a boardroom desk countertop or a kitchen, you can be sure that they will not slip out or slide away from their position.

Moisture Proof: Moisture has absolutely no effect on these counter surfaces. That’s the reason liquid spills, like coffee, gravy, juices or hot soups do not harm it or induce rotting. This is a definite plus when it comes to a fabulous kitchen.

Easy to Maintain: For every countertop that comes through recycling and reusing technology, the maintenance charges are minimized. Since these don’t pick up stains and only a simple soap water solution is enough to keep the sparkle on, they have become popular home use items.

You can get the best green glass countertops through online stores that supply custom countertops through their websites. You can choose the color, shape, and brand. You can consult countertop experts and have the surfaces installed at your kitchen.

You could also learn to design and create a glass countertop yourself if you are handy and a willingness to learn. Many eco-friendly homeowners have tackled such a project and have been thrilled at their green glass countertops. Simply pick up a couple of books on the subject and you’ll be well on your way to fantastic glass countertop creations!

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