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Is Your Bedroom Dull? Here’s How To Perk It Up

Have you taken a good look at your bedroom lately? Is it just plain dull? Your bedroom is where you go to relax and sleep away the cares of the day. If your bedroom is boring, it’s time to add some pizazz to it. Why? Your bedroom is a special area of your home. If you are in a serious relationship or are married, your bedroom is where you snuggle up together and make sweet memories. Your bedroom is the hot spot for love and should be decorated accordingly. When decorating your bedroom, you should always remember a few things that are quite important.


When choosing what color or colors your bedroom should be, think of the most relaxing color you believe will help you sleep. Deep purples and dark reds are great colors for helping you relax. By painting your room a color that is relaxing, you are allowing peaceful energies to surround you while you sleep. If you have bright and outgoing colors in your bedroom, it can become too contrasted which makes your mind cluttered. Your bedroom should be a peaceful oasis so that when you walk in, you instantly feel calm.


Bedding is just as important as colors. Although bedding does not necessarily need to be a relaxing color, it should not be a crazy pattern. Layering is also a good way to create a more comforting feeling of your bed. Try adding multiple size pillows with different colored pillowcases. Of course, deep and warm colors are recommended such as purple and dark blue. If you have a comforter that is dark purple in color and want to add a bit of variety, add pillowcases or a sheet that is red. A white comforter is a very good choice, as it gives off the vibe of crisp and clean. You can add colors via pillows, shams, or a throw blanket. Variety in your bedding is actually relaxing and comforting.


Choosing décor for your bedroom is pretty easy. You must choose décor that is relaxing and positive. For example, adding a plant to your bedroom is very good because a plant is full of life. Adding a picture of beautiful scenery is also a good choice because it is something beautiful that you can look at and remember all the beauty in the world. Pay attention to the lighting in your bedroom as well. When choosing a lamp, you could use a bulb that has different lighting so that you can choose between how dim and bright you want your room. Remember that small décor can go a long way. Having large décor along with a large bed can be too distracting for your mind and make it hard to focus on sleep.

Decorating your bedroom is just as important as decorating the other rooms in your home. Maybe your friends and family don’t make a trip to your bedroom, but that doesn’t mean it should look dull. Make sure that you add items that make you happy and make you feel calm because that is what’s needed in your bedroom. If you follow these steps, you can have a healthy, peaceful bedroom that will help provide you with deep sleep and comfort.

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