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Ten Tips On How To Decorate Your Home Zen Style

Life can get so busy and stressful at times and this is why many homeowners are opting to decorate their homes with a Zen style. Zen principles have been around for many years and are known for their relaxing and soothing qualities. Zen actually refers to meditation in Japanese, so a home that has a Zen feel to it certainly invokes peace, serenity, and harmony.

Here are 10 must dos if you want to create a home in Zen style:

1. Use colors aligned with the earth.
Peaceful and serene colors are earthy colors like soft green, brown, beige, white, or shades of grey. Think grass, sand, the light blue sky, and dirt. For example, you could paint the walls sandpaper brown and offset the accents in the room with mocha brown or a light orange color.

2. Soft flooring.
Many Zen enthusiasts like hardwood floors because of their natural look. In fact, Bamboo flooring is becoming more and more popular. You can always throw an area rug over the floor to give it some cushion and style.

3. Fabrics are to be light.
Think natural when it comes to fabrics, as you want the atmosphere light. Curtains ought to be neutral colors or better yet, opt for no curtains.

4. Lighting.
Do away with any fluorescent lights in the home and replace with calm lighting. There are Zen style lamps you can purchase at many home décor stores that emit soft lights and give a feeling of relaxation to any room. Candles work well for giving off the vibe of safe, calm, and serene.

5. Think simple furniture.
Zen is known for its minimalistic approach, so keep furniture to a minimum and do not overdo it with complex patterns or prints. White or shades of beige and browns work well for couches and chairs, while tables made from solid wood are best.

6. No clutter.
When it comes to putting things up on the wall or adding accents to the home, think simple because clutter is a no-no when it comes to Zen. Less is more in Zen tradition, so be sure to choose your décor items carefully.

7. Burn incense.
There are plenty of incense varieties to burn to make your home smell wonderful. There are also oil diffuse burners you can utilize to keep your home smelling natural.

8. Leave the television out of bedrooms.
Televisions in the bedrooms can oftentimes be a distraction and Zen followers state that they can suck good energy right out of you. Opt for no television in your bedroom and instead opt for reading a good book, talking to your partner, or meditating.

9. Bring in lots of plants.
Plants do wonders for a Zen look and actually do their part at helping improve indoor air quality. Bring in plenty of floor and table plants to give your home a wonderful Zen look.

10. Utilize bamboo sticks.
You can now purchase bamboo sticks easily at many stores or you can go look for dead bamboo sticks in the woods. Utilize these as decorative accents by placing them in vases or leaning them against a corner for a Zen feel. You can also create interesting bamboo crafts to display in your home if you choose.

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