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Pride Can Kill Your Relationship

Relationships normally start off with quite a bang with love chemicals soaring high. You can’t get enough of your new love and probably think about him or her most of the time. You do thoughtful things for each other, keep in touch often, and spend lots of quality time together. The first part of a relationship is oftentimes referred to as the honeymoon phase, but that phase can wear off quicker than you might think. Then what will you do?

This is where the work and mindfulness begins.
By work, I mean making the effort to be sweet and kind even when you don’t feel like it. Even when your partner has been less than thrilled the past few days due to stress at work. Even when it’s PMS time. This is where it takes lying down pride and ego and allowing authentic love to shine. Shining that love day in and day out even when you don’t feel like it.

Relationships will certainly go through phases of highs and lows and pride is one factor that will influence whether the relationship will make it through the lows without falling apart. You will argue at some point, every couple does. Are you going to point fingers, yell, and then stay mad at each other for weeks on end? If so, little by little the foundation of your relationship will crumble. Are you going to allow the stresses of daily life to turn you into a frustrated person who takes it out on your partner? If so, the future of the relationship will not be bright.

Will you lay down your pride?
Are you willing to lay down your pride and walk-in humility in your relationship? Not just in your intimate relationship, but all of your relationships. Will you be able to say “I’m sorry” when you’ve been less than pleasant or a complete idiot? Will you put your partner first and be mindful of his or her needs? Are you willing to sacrifice and compromise for the greater good?

Pride can kill your relationship if you let it.
You must wear the cloak of humility in order to have the best relationship you can. Half of marriages end in divorce and you can bet and believe somewhere in the top reasons for the failures is the abundance of pride and lack of humility.

Make a commitment today to walk in humility.
Say you’re sorry often. Take a look at your actions and make right what you’ve been doing wrong. Put others first. Let love be your motivating factor each day. Love others above yourself. As you do, all of your relationships will flourish. Just watch.

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