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5 Ways To Get More Attention From Men

Do you ever feel like your man doesn’t give you enough attention? Is he too busy with other things? Are you feeling frustrated with little hope?

I understand. Relationships can certainly go through their ups and downs and many women complain that they don’t get enough attention. It helps to know that women, in general, require more attention than men, so he might not really be aware of your feelings. Some men just aren’t wired to give out lots of attention or get defensive if you bring it up.

Here are 5 ways you can get more attention from your man:

1. Fire it up in the bedroom.
If you get things cooking in the bedroom, it’s a pretty safe assumption you’ll get more attention. Guys like it when women plan a romantic evening that will involve intimacy. Maybe you’ve been busy lately and you haven’t made time to connect in the bedroom. Go ahead and go all out!

2. Dress to impress.
Have you let your sex appeal in clothing go? Do you run around with sweat pants and baggy shirts on all the time? Maybe you can dress to impress a bit more often. Men like to see curves, so if you’ve got them, don’t be afraid to flaunt them some. Utilize a push-up bra and clothes that accentuate your figure. Show a little skin and chances are your man will notice.

3. Don’t be so available.
Are you always sitting around waiting for your man to show you some attention? Don’t be so available. Get a life of your own and let him know that you’re not just sitting around all the time waiting on him. Go out with the girls. Join a fitness club. Take a class you’ve been dying to take. When you’re not as available, he’s more likely to miss you and show you some attention.

4. Ask him out on a date.
Guys don’t tend to ask girls out on dates much once an established relationship occurs. Go ahead and ask him out for dates on occasion. Go out to dinner and a movie. Go for walks in the park. You can even take him out to a ball game if he likes ball games. You’ll get more attention the more time you get to spend with him in such a manner.

5. Give him attention.
Sometimes all it takes is for you to start showing him attention and then he will, in turn, show you affection. Make his coffee in the morning or leave a little love note in his lunch box. Give him random hugs. As you give, he’s more apt to give in return.

If you really are struggling with this, sit down and have a conversation with your man. Honesty and openness is really the best policy. Tell him your needs and discuss how he can meet those needs. Sometimes it’s as easy as that.

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