VeryVery Diaper Review: Eco-Friendly Hype or Genuine Comfort for Sensitive Skin?

As a staff writer, I get to test out a lot of great products, but VeryVery diapers are one of the few that promised to solve one of my personal issues as a mother—my son’s recurring diaper rash. Here’s what happened when I tried VeryVery, a premium diaper brand that claims to be highly absorbent, eco-friendly, and gentle on sensitive skin.

What I Liked:

VeryVery baby diapers
  • Ultra-absorbent, soft, and comfortable
  • Uses skin-friendly, hypoallergenic materials to help prevent diaper rash
  • More eco-friendly than most disposables
  • Delivered to my door with free shipping

What I Disliked:

  • More expensive than some store brands
  • Only sold online
  • Not available as training pants for older toddlers

The Bottom Line:

Overall, I was impressed using VeryVery diapers with my son and noticed a definite improvement in his skin. The diapers are soft and kept him dry for many hours, including overnight, and we didn’t experience any blowouts. To me, VeryVery diapers’ high quality is worth the cost for helping to solve our diaper rash issue. I also like the convenience of free delivery and the brand’s use of sustainable materials.

My Experience with VeryVery Diapers

Although the concept of diapers seems simple, as a mom, I know it’s not easy to find a product that manages to be absorbent and leak-resistant while also using hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials.

VeryVery baby diapers

When I had the opportunity to test out VeryVery for All That’s Fab, my first thought was that these diapers looked much more substantial than some of the other brands we’ve used. They were clearly designed for maximum absorbency, with a thick, ultra-long core. And I have to say, these diapers are really, really soft.

The diapers fitted my son securely, and he seemed comfortable wearing them. We’ve dealt with diaper rash on and off for months, even though we are diligent about changing him regularly and using cream. While no product can magically clear up skin irritation instantly, I noticed an improvement in his skin fairly soon after we began using VeryVery diapers. 

Due to the absorbency, he stayed dry longer, and this also meant we had very few leaks and no blowouts. VeryVery’s marketing materials describe the diapers as breathable and moisture-wicking, which seems accurate.

I can’t fault how they’ve worked for my son and have decided to continue buying them, at least for now. I also feel better about the environmental impact of what’s in our diaper pail, as VeryVery baby diapers are manufactured with reusable energy and contain sustainable and partly recycled materials.

VeryVery vs. the Competition

With so many diapers on the market, it can feel impossible to differentiate between them. To make diaper shopping a bit easier for our readers, the All That’s Fab editorial team recently tested some of the most popular diaper brands on the market to find out how they measure up.

(In this brand comparison chart, 5 is the highest possible score for each metric, while 1 is the lowest score).

VeryVeryCoterieHello BelloHuggies
Absorbency and leak protection5433
Hypoallergenic and additive-free5542
Easy to find in stores and online2335
Softness and comfort5543
Value and affordability3234
Total Score4.2 / 5 stars3.7 / 5 stars3.3 / 5 stars3.2 / 5 stars

A Closer Look at VeryVery Diapers

My trial of VeryVery diapers lasted around a month, so I have a pretty good idea of how they perform on a baby with sensitive skin. Before writing this review, I also took a close look at VeryVery as a company to learn all about the manufacturing process and their claim to have eco-friendly credentials. Below, I’ve broken down what I learned across six different areas.

1. Absorbency and Leak Protection

Many diaper brands claim to be suitable for overnight use, but I’ve heard plenty of stories from friends about finding their baby wearing a wet diaper in the morning due to leaks. 

This never happened while we were using VeryVery diapers. Though not specifically marketed as “overnight diapers,” they kept my son dry throughout the night. This has helped prevent some of the redness and irritation we often noticed around the diaper area.

We’ve had one or two small leaks since using VeryVery, but they have done a great job containing some seriously big messes—a major relief when we’re out and about.

2. Materials and Construction

Having looked into the construction of VeryVery diapers, I can report that besides having an extra-long, ultra-absorbent core, these diapers use layers of FSC-certified pulp and a sustainable cotton blend. While they do contain some plastic, I learned that this is necessary for a disposable diaper to work properly—and much of VeryVery’s plastic comes from recycled sources.

All of this adds up to a strong, durable diaper. Though my son does plenty of rolling and moving around, we’ve never had a rip, and the elastic waist and leg areas kept his diaper secure.

3. Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Newborn skin is known for being especially sensitive, so it’s hard to believe that some companies include additives like dyes, fragrances, lotions, latex, and chlorine in their diapers. I was pleased to see that VeryVery specifically mentions that their diapers are hypoallergenic, breathable, and free from those additives.

This is what I was most interested in when putting my son in VeryVery diapers, as his skin seems to be more sensitive than that of my friends’ children. So far, these diapers seem to have made a difference.

During our test of VeryVery diapers, we still made sure to change him as soon as he had a dirty diaper and continued our diaper cream regimen, and I’m pleased that his diaper rash has noticeably calmed down. His skin is less irritated than it has been while wearing any other brand, which can’t be merely a coincidence.

4. Softness, Comfort, Appearance, and Fit

VeryVery describes their diapers as “pillowy” and “cashmere-soft.” When I first read this, I thought it was a bit of a stretch. Yet I have to admit these diapers are incredibly soft and, well, pillowy.

We used Size 3 diapers for my son, as his weight was squarely within the range for that size (13 to 22 lbs). Unlike some brands that tend to run too large or too small in certain sizes, these were a really good fit, with no bunching or sagging. The elasticated tabs were by far the most secure I’ve come across.

VeryVery diapers range from Size 1 (up to 11 lbs) to Size 5 (24 to 37 lbs), which should cover most toddlers beyond their second birthday. Although we’re still a long way from needing them, I noticed that VeryVery doesn’t make training pants, which I know many parents find useful for toddlers, especially during potty training! 

I’m not particularly interested in how fashionable my baby looks, so appearance isn’t a factor that would determine my choice of diaper brand. Still, I enjoyed VeryVery’s understated print more than some of the designs on other diapers.

5. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

VeryVery’s mission to create an eco-friendly disposable diaper intrigued me when I first found out about the company. I conducted my own research to find out whether the brand lives up to its reputation. 

From what I could see on the website, the materials in VeryVery diapers, such as FSC-certified paper and sustainable non-GMO cotton, have been chosen to minimize the product’s environmental impact. Although I would like to learn more about the specifics of the manufacturing process, VeryVery says that it uses energy from renewable sources to produce its diapers.

The company appears to have tried hard to cut down on the use of plastic, which is a serious issue with most disposable diapers, and VeryVery’s comes from recycled sources. The diapers are shipped in a biodegradable cardboard box and packaged in recyclable bags, which is a refreshing departure from the thick plastic bags used by many other brands.

6. Price, Value, and Convenience

VeryVery’s diapers are at the higher end of the market, costing more than most mass-market disposable diapers, like Kirkland diapers and conventional Huggies or Pampers diapers. However, their pricing is comparable to other premium brands like Coterie, Dyper, and Honest Company diapers.

Based off of my trial run, though, this is a fair trade-off for VeryVery’s better-quality materials and eco-friendly manufacturing. It’s worth mentioning that VeryVery offers free shipping on all orders.

This experience was the first time I had ever received a diaper delivery, and I definitely enjoyed the convenience of not worrying about running out of diapers. I also appreciated that VeryVery offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you won’t be out of pocket if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

VeryVery baby diapers

Final Verdict: Why I’m Sticking with VeryVery Diapers

When I was tasked with reviewing VeryVery diapers for All That’s Fab, I was intrigued to find out whether switching to a premium diaper could actually help my son’s diaper rash issues. I didn’t anticipate that I would continue purchasing them after finishing my test. 

There’s no denying that VeryVery’s eco-friendly diapers are a high-end buy and one that I think will satisfy many parents. Keeping my son dry, comfortable, and as rash-free as possible is obviously one of my top priorities, and VeryVery delivers on this with their highly absorbent diapers. Besides making such a big difference to my son’s diaper rash, it’s been great not having to worry about leaks or blowouts, and it’s hard to argue with the convenience of diapers arriving on my doorstep.

Based on how well they fit my son now, I feel confident that the larger sizes of VeryVery diapers will continue to keep my active little boy snugly and comfortably as he learns to crawl, walk, and eventually run!

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