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5 Discipline Tips That Actually Work

No matter how much you love your little darlings, sometimes they can really put your parenting skills to the test. Five things will help you regain the upper hand.

1) Take a Chill Pill

It is imperative that you calm down before you deal with a naughty child. When your behavior makes your kids nervous, they’re less likely to get the message. Discipline is about teaching, not about venting.

2) Be an Example

Kids learn by modeling your behavior. Whatever behavior you exhibit when stressed or angry is going to be exactly what you get back in your face when they get stressed and angry. Communicate with kids the way you want them to communicate with you: calmly, respectfully, and honestly. Your behavior will rub off.

3) Give Your Kid Time

If your kid is having a meltdown, it’s not a good time to teach lessons. Give him time to calm down as well so you can really discuss the issue.

4) Don’t Take the Bait

Kids are going to try and bait you into a power struggle sometimes. Don’t let them. Explain your position firmly, remind them of consequences, and walk away. By allowing yourself to bicker with your child, you are putting yourself on the same level. You need to be an authority figure here.

5) Be Consistent

Whenever your child pushes boundaries, you need to step up each and every time and enforce the rules. If you teach your kids he has a shot at getting away with something, or that you don’t mean what you say, you might as well give him an engraved invitation to challenge your authority as much as he likes.

Discipline is always hard, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Try some of these tips to help get on the right track.

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