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Every Mom Could Use Friends Like These

If there’s a tougher job than mothering, I haven’t found it yet. The difference between turning into Stepford mom-bots running on auto and actually keeping your sound mind may be in your support network. Moms need friends, probably more than anyone else. Here are the types of friends that every mom should have.

The Other Mother

If you find another mom who has kids about your age, and your kids get along fairly well, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Having an ‘other mother’ friend is like double-teaming; you can really help each other out when you’re stuck for a babysitter, need a ride to school or just want someone to chat with on the park bench.

The Veteran

It’s good to find a mom who is older, more experienced, and (hopefully) wiser. Even if her kids are only a couple of years older than yours, the idea of having a friend who has ‘been there, done that’ can be very comforting. She’s the one you can call to ask if an odd-color poop is worth an emergency room trip late at night, or when you can’t figure out the new math. She knows what to tell you, or can help you find the answers.

The Childless Woman

Every mom should have at least one friend without a child. This friend will give you the chance to talk about something other than the price of nursing bras and the dad at school who always drops-off in the pick-up lane. You can go with her to restaurants that don’t have bouncy houses, have a glass of wine, and talk about anything but your kids.


Every mom should have a BFF: someone you can lean on. You can cry with her or laugh with her. You don’t feel you have to entertain her when she comes over—she’s just part of the family, and you’re part of hers.

If you don’t have these kinds of friends, look around. Chances are there are women somewhere nearby who need a friend just like you.

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