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Money-Savings Tips For Booking An All-Inclusive Vacation

Booking an all-inclusive vacation is supposed to save you money and headaches. Unfortunately, if you plan poorly, you may find yourself with a big headache, and no money. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the best travel deals.

Do the Math

When a resort or agent offers an all-inclusive vacation rate, get a list of what is included and do some research. How much would round-trip air-fare cost if purchased separately? How much would the activities or meals cost? You might find it would be cheaper to buy things a la carte. Approach the resort or agent with your findings and ask for a better deal.

Go for Group Rates

If you can arrange to travel with friends and family, you might all be able to enjoy discounted group rates. You should all pay separately, but elect one spokesperson to negotiate a package.

Travel During Value Season

Every travel destination has a busy season and a slow season. If you can take your vacation during the off-season, you may get a bargain. Just be careful to make sure everything you want to do will be open and available during that time period.

Be Selective

If a resort is offering a plethora of activities as part of the deal, make sure its things you like to do, or it’s just a waste of money. Who cares if you get free a free pancake breakfast if you are on a low-carb diet, or if there are water sports when you don’t like the ocean?


Sometimes when deals sound too good to be true, they are. Research any destinations and resorts to see what others thought of them.

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