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Decorative Pillows Add Fabulous Flare To Your Bedroom

A bed full of pillows just looks so inviting, doesn’t it? When you think of pillows, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is comfort. You can lie around for hours on a bed if you have soft and comfortable pillows under your head. Pillows lend a cozy feel and a nice touch to sofas, beds, recliners, etc. Apart from the comfort factor they also tend to make the bed look tastefully decorated if they are arranged in a certain fashion.

Pillows can change the appearance of any sized bed by leaps and bounds if they are used to decorate the bed. The layout of the pillows totally depends on personal preferences and aesthetics. Let us take a look at a few ways of how different pillow arrangements can make your bed look more inviting and cozy.

Arrange Them as Per Size. You can stack up different sizes of pillows and place them according to pairs in size. The biggest can rest on the head board; the next size can rest against that and the smallest right in the front. In this arrangement, ensure that you stack both sides of the bed in the same manner for the pillows to look well placed. You can actually have as little or as many pillows as you’d like. Go with what feels and looks right for your bed and your room.

Mesh of Colors. You can buy pillows in vivid colors and patterns and arrange them per color contrast. You can certainly use your creativity and imagination with this. Discover the creativity that resides within you and place all pillows against each other so that they form a mesh of vivid colors but contrast with the next pillow.

Bolsters and Pillows. You can use your two main cushions in the back and place a couple of narrow bolsters in front of them. Use different colors for the cushion covers and bolsters – some good combinations would be brown and beige, black and grey, white and tan etc. The color combination is again based on your color aesthetics and you can choose any combination that you deem fit for your bedroom.

Play With Shapes. Arrange round, triangle, square and rectangle pillows on the bed in two color tones. The square and triangle can be of the same color while the rectangle and round can be the same color. Now place them in the order of their size so the rectangle goes right in the back, the square follows, the round follows the square and in the front place the triangular pillows. There are also some rather large body pillows you could use to accessorize your bed.

Decorating your bed with pillows can be quite fun. It can take a dull bedroom and really make it pop and bring attention to the bed and your creativity and style. All these arrangements will make a normal bed tastefully decorated and will brighten your bedroom too.

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