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Create An Exciting Craft or Hobby Room

Spending free time engaged in a hobby is super therapeutic and exciting. Many people work hard much of the time and then run errands, clean house, cook, take care of children, and so on. Sooner or later they end up tired of doing the same old things, so many decide to get active with a hobby or a passion. Perhaps you love to scrapbook, make crafts, sew things, refinish furniture, etc. Whatever your hobby is, you might need room to designate as your “hobby room”, which will give you a chance to have all of your supplies in one spot and a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Here are some tips for you to consider as you do so.

Find a suitable space. You do not need a large space to have a hobby room. If you organize and maximize square footage, you can find ample space in a large closet, section of a basement, spare room, nook, or garage. Some people even opt to put a storage shed out in the back yard and convert that into their hobby room. Get creative with the space that you have.

Furniture. Depending on the size of your room, you want to think less is more when it comes to furniture. Certainly, you will want a comfortable chair to sit in as you spend time in your hobby room, but you might also need a table or two, bookshelves, or perhaps a couch if you plan on having more people involved in your hobby with you. You don’t have to rush out and purchase new furniture either. Visit the thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets to choose used and affordable pieces.

Storage. If your hobby requires a lot of materials, you will need to utilize your space for storage quite well. For example, scrapbookers use a variety of plastic stackable storage bins for their materials. There are also tall plastic storage units with shelves that come in handy for storing many things. Putting up some shelves is always a good idea. Utilizing dressers and/or desks with their multiple drawers will help with storage issues as well. Save those shoeboxes too, as they can store plenty of little items and can be stacked nicely.

L shaped stations. If your hobby requires a lot of desk space, consider using desks in an L shape to maximize your space. This is helpful if you have two people working on projects and you won’t feel like you are running into each other all the time.

Use wall space. Don’t negate the space available on the wall for display space or ideas. Mount bulletin boards, Pegboards, and magnetic boards to tack up inspirational pictures, notes, lists, and so on.

Have fun designing and creating your new hobby room. Everyone ought to have a place to go to so that they can enjoy peace and quiet doing a hobby that they are passionate about. Start yours today!

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