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Decorating Your All-star Daughter’s Room

Your soccer playing, gymnastic daughter wants her bedroom re-decorated. She wants to showcase her medals, ribbons and trophies. Today girls are involved in just about as many sports as boys. Decades ago, it was easy to decorate your daughter’s room. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Princess and Cinderella, Barbie and Care Bears, white gingham prints and lacey ruffles were acceptable to her then. It’s a different story today.

Re-decorating your all-star’s bedroom can be fun and easy at the same time. Here are some great tips for you to follow:

Flooring. This can be the easiest part of the room. Hardwood floors or a solid carpet can last for years and go with just about any theme. Neutral colors match anything and will last for a long time.

Shelves. So what to do with all her ribbons and medals? One idea is to place wooden dowels approximately 10″ to 12″ apart, roughly 8″ below the ceiling. This is a wonderful way to hang the medals and ribbons. These can be on as many walls as you see fit. Trophies can take up a lot of room. You can purchase or build a trophy cabinet. Corner cabinets are great, taking up less space in a corner which is most likely not used much, to begin with.

Shelving is another option and can be placed on opposite walls of the dowels if these are used. Your daughter may be into more than one sport. If this is the case, she has numerous shirts and jerseys she has collected throughout the years. If she runs, every race she enters she receives a new shirt. Special gymnastics meets offer them as well as practice shirts and game jerseys.

Athletic shirts. As a parent, you don’t want to get rid of them, nor will she let you. Save the shirts and jerseys that hold special meaning. Have these made into a quilt? This is a wonderful way to document the beginning of her athletic journey. Choose shirts from the same sporting activities and start from the very first season or year. Or mix them up with all the sports she is involved with.

If she has a special jersey or gymnastics leotard, you can uniquely display it in a showdown box. My daughter broke the high school scoring record in soccer her senior year. For Christmas that year she received a large shadow box. Displayed inside were her jersey, her letter, number, socks (which she wore all year) and a picture of her with her soccer ball. This is a gift that she proudly displays in her apartment today.

Accessories. Wall colors, bedspreads, curtains and throw rugs can express your daughter’s personality and interests outside of sports. She may be the team-high scorer, state beam champion holds the mile track record and can shoot 3 pointers for hours. She may also like her walls pink and want those pink frilly bed skirts.

Decorating your all-star athlete’s room can be quite fun for you and your daughter. Make it a priority to plan and execute the plan together.

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