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Make Your Home Greener With Plants

Did you know that plants are therapeutic for you and your home in various ways? They not only give off well-needed oxygen, but also have been known to make people feel happier just at their presence. It’s a great idea to decorate your home with plenty of plants ranging from small to large. There are many varieties of plants to choose from and you can do this little by little. The more you learn about plants, the better idea you will have as to what you would like to put in your home.

Here are some great tips on how to make your home greener with plants:

Ask yourself some questions. What kinds of plants do you love? Big or small? Tall, exotic plants or short, desert-type plants? Do you like hanging plants? Floor plants? A great way to find out what types of plants you like is to experiment with them all. Purchase floor plants, hanging plants, tall, short, exotic, medicinal, etc. With the many kinds to choose from, you will have no problem finding ones that appeal to you.

Where to place the plants. You might not want your home to look like a forest, so choose some key areas where you would like your plants to go. Are there empty spaces that you could add a plant or two? You can almost always find small corners that need something to make them pop. You can place plants in the bathrooms too, which will brighten just about any bathroom. Place plants on top of tables, mantles, window sills, or purchase a multi-tier plant holder. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to furnishing your home with various plants.

Create a Zen feel. What if you could designate a foyer or breakfast nook for an inside, home garden? How about a place where plants and flowers would thrive and give off a sense of peace and serenity? You can. Purchase some plants that emit the Zen vibe and set them in close proximity to each other in a room or area. Add a small chair or meditation mat so that you can sit and enjoy the beauty of such plants. Choose from bamboo, Boston fern, Chinese Evergreen, Dracaena, and more. You can even add a waterfall for added beauty.

It is quite exciting to begin adding plants to the home. Begin researching the different types of plants and play around with them. Some plants require more sunlight than others and some are better for outdoors, so be sure that you do your homework. If you visit a local nursery and let the clerk know what you are looking for, he or she should be able to assist you in choosing some suitable plants. Have fun with the project and include the family. Many children love the idea of going to the store and choosing plants or getting seeds and planting their very own plants. You can find seeds online or at your local nursery.

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