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Savvy Design Ideas For Your Home

You might find many savvy design ideas for your home in magazines, but not all of them are cost-effective. There are, however, several affordable ways of mimicking some of the more expensive styles, if you just put some thought into it. It is a great feeling to furnish and decorate your home in tasteful and appealing ways without feeling like you have to go broke doing it. Have fun with your décor and learn about savvy design ideas before embarking on any new project.


Heavy window coverings with lots of fabric are just not practical anymore. If you are looking for a casual living room, just try out sheer curtains or a pleated curtain to give a tailored appearance. If you do love a rich fabric, take care not to obstruct all the light. Select curtains that blend with the wall cover, using streamlined curtain rods. You can use curtains that filter the sunlight or those offering privacy, depending on your needs. Look for muted colors and some floral prints. Grey or cream and white shades can add a soft and muted look to your living room. If you are eco-conscious, you could also select natural fabrics, such as bamboo, linen or something made out of recycled fiber and polyesters that are free of PVC.

Neutral Coloring

It is easier to decorate a room if you select neutral colors for the walls. You could opt for fawn or tan or even brown and then add color to the room with accented pieces. Throw in a brightly colored wall piece or art piece, but keep the main furniture pieces in a neutral shade, with a classic or understated tone. Bring in the style and color with the rugs, lamps and other smaller accent pieces. Use a stain guard on your furniture, as accidents can always happen however careful you are. Include a natural element like a vase with branches in it or some pinecones kept in a dish, some rare shells and so on.

Removing Clutter

Keeping a casual tone does not mean that you have to clutter the room. All your accenting pieces should be well coordinated. Have a number of storage devices where you can keep all the clutter if you really need them. Have handy bins for storing magazines, newspapers, toys and other utility items. Wall shelving can also be useful for storage purposes if you have a lot of things that tend to take up space. The shelves can be both functional and decorative, adding to the savvy look of your living room.

Pictures or Souvenirs

You surely need a space for your memoirs and family pictures. You can put these in a group, putting five or six photographs together along with your mementos and souvenirs. Show them off to family and friends proudly, while being able to relive memorable occasions with loved ones. You can surely be savvy when it comes to adding pizazz to your home and have fun at the same time.

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