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Top 8 Kitchen Countertops: Which One Is Best For You?

The kitchen is that part of the house which many people like to look clean and sophisticated. When it comes to kitchen countertops, they should be chosen with great care by learning about the different kinds. The usual life span of kitchen décor is 8-10 years. However, that totally depends on the way you maintain it and the quality of décor that you choose to buy. It is recommended that you give careful consideration to your appliances and overall look of your kitchen before you decide to upgrade your kitchen countertops or buy new ones.

You can go through this list of top 8 kitchen countertops that are currently trending and make an informed decision before embarking on installing new countertops.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel gives the feeling of a modern and trend-setting look to your kitchen. One of the main advantages of stainless steel kitchen countertops is that they are resilient to water, germs, and heat. They require very little maintenance and are durable.

Recycled Glass

This is for all those who like to have an eco-friendly kitchen space. They are not only beautiful but also have an expected lifetime of around 50 years. They are available in different colors and are sure to add to the beauty of your kitchen. It always feels good to go with environmentally friendly products for your home and Mother Earth certainly appreciates it as well.

Slate Countertops

Slate is usually associated with walkways or rooftops. The natural uneven surface of slate makes it appealing. If you are the kind of person who is looking for a high gloss look, you might not choose this material. However, these countertops are easy to maintain and not conducive to bacteria build-up.


Soapstone is naturally gray in color and darkens with age. This gives a smooth, matte feel to your kitchen. Scratches and stains on this material can be oiled or sanded away making it easy for you to maintain.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is the latest trend in kitchen countertops. Reclaimed wood is that wood that is salvaged from older homes or the barns that have been demolished. This material of countertops is a smart option and gives an eco-friendly look and feel to your kitchen. It is also much cheaper than many varieties of countertops.


Quartz is one of the most scratch-resistant materials available in kitchen countertops. That explains why you can choose this material. It also gives a unique look to your kitchen.
Poured Concrete

Poured concrete countertops give a natural and organic look to your kitchen. They offer strength and have a stylish appearance. They need very little maintenance and are pretty affordable.


Cork countertops are becoming more popular these days. It is an eco-friendly material and a very sensible option for every homeowner. They are dense and light-weighted and have anti-bacterial properties.

Do your homework before choosing your new countertop. It is best to go visit a store that sells various kinds of countertops so that you can see each kind upfront. Oftentimes you will see one and know within a moment that you love that material and go with it. Have fun with the selection process and do not rush through it. You want to love your countertop, as it should last you many years.

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