Studies Show Stilettos Make Women Appear More Powerful

There is no question that a quality pair of high heels can give every woman a boost of confidence; however, have you ever considered the motivation behind this particular fashion choice? After all, there are some shoes that can be torture on the feet!

As a result of this quandary, Nicholas Gueguen, a French researcher, became the first person to ever delve into the science that is behind the effect of a high heel’s height on the opposite sex. In order to learn more he used four different experiments.

During each experiment he had a number of college aged women dress in a matching outfit. The only difference in the women was the shoes they had on: flats, five centimeter heels and nine centimeter heels.

He then sent his participants out to conduct certain tasks in the public and then gauge the reaction of the people they met. The first couple of experiments involved women soliciting pedestrians regarding equal rights and dining preferences surveys.

The results showed that the men were more willing to answer questions to the women who were wearing the higher heels.

Another experiment used the heels to judge the public’s helping behavior. The women would drop a glove and see if anyone stopped to help. Those wearing heels had a much higher response. The last study was to see how fast a man would approach a women in a bar, with the three types of shoes. The one in the highest heels had the quickest response.

The takeaway from this experiment was: high heels ensure influence; no negative effects from other women; men don’t become over sexual; and these heels can help women get what they want.

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