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Is Wifi Bad For Your Health? You May Have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Mary Coales, a 63-year-old Cambridge graduate, says that wearing her Aaronia Shield is the only way she can protect herself from radiation caused by wifi and cell phone signals.

Daily Mail reports that the woman believes she has electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS), which causes her to avoid going out in public so she won’t suffer from incapacitating pain, headaches and nausea.

More than three million people believe they have this allergy to microwaves and radio waves.

Those who believe they have EHS say they have symptoms like those of Coales, in addition to lethargy, breathing difficulties and paralysis.

Cell phones, TVs, light bulbs, can bring on these symptoms. Some even say that exposure low-level radiation waves are even linked to cancer, autoimmune disease and neurological disorders, according to Daily Mail.

Though no concrete evidence links low-level radiation with these illnesses, a 2011 brain study found that brain activity in male students was lowered in areas associated with attention span when wifi radiation was present.

“I began to wonder if my reaction was chemical after all, so I started to experiment on myself,” Coales told Daily Mail

“I went out for lunch with my niece, who had an iPad with her, and I held it close to my face. Immediately, I felt a sharp sting in my mouth. Suddenly, I couldn’t watch TV, use my computer, use a phone, or even switch on the lights in my house without pain. It was very frightening.”

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