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Expert Feng Shui Tips: How Your Environment Affects You

With most people living a stressed out, hurried life with work, chores, cooking, and raising kids, more people need less stress and more relaxation. Stress is the number one cause of many ailments and sicknesses. How can you get some more serenity in your life? By learning more about the art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient art that originated in China thousands of years ago. The Chinese understood how powerful peace and serenity were to the mind, body, and spirit. Feng Shui simply is an art that helps foster harmony and brings positive energy to a home, office, or any space that you dwell.

Decorating with Feng Shui

Most homes are decorated with some type of theme in mind. If you take a look at someone’s home for a few minutes, you will be able to determine what style (or lack of style) they have gone for. Feng Shui accents harmony, peace, happiness, and serenity. A Feng Shui home will harness good energy from the universe and deliver it to you on your couch, while you are sleeping, or cooking dinner.

Take a look around your home and get rid of the things that might bring you negative energy. Do you have a knick-knack that your ex-boyfriend gave you and it makes you feel sad? Get rid of it. Are there any pictures that make you angry or sad? Take them down. Then gather things that make you feel happy and put them up in your home. Happy pictures, positive art, knick-knacks, plants, etc.

Your Environment Affects You

If you have a happy and positive environment, you will feel happier and carry positive energy. Feng Shui helps you with this. If you wake up in the morning and you see that picture of you and your mother in Hawaii, you will smile and feel more balanced and happy before heading out the door. If you have a lot of clutter in your home, declutter. Clutter can tend to make people feel hurried and annoyed. Think simple and practical for peace and serenity.

Wind and Water

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. For a harmonious environment, wind and water ought to be in good balance. There is no balance when there is a hurricane or a flood. Just like the earth needs these elements to be in balance, so your home environment needs to be in balance.

Bring Outdoors Indoors

Don’t you just feel amazing when you are outdoors in nature? The wind, sun, greenery, and smells do wonders for your happiness and peace level. Feng Shui is known for bringing the outdoors indoors, which will help you to feel amazing. Bring some plants in and create an indoor fountain. The sound of water flowing will help you to relax and align your energies wonderfully.

Make Feng Shui a part of your life. Hang around people who have good energy and you will be more apt to carry the same. Do things that make you happy and peaceful. Decorate your home and yard in simple ways that allow harmony and balance to resonate with you. Life does not have to be so difficult and stressful. Begin your Feng Shui life today.

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