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Feng Shui : Add Crystals To Your Home Decor

Feng Shui crystals are not only a beautiful site to look at in your home or workplace, but also attract positive energies to your life. Having crystals are a great way of showing the universe that you believe in its powers and believe that your life is special. Each healing crystal has its own power and positive energy surrounding it. When you bring a new healing crystal in your home, you believe that your crystal will provide positive experiences and outcomes no matter what the situation may be. There are thousands of healing crystals available today and knowing which ones provide the positive energies you need the most can greatly improve the quality of your life.

Rose Quartz. The rose quartz healing crystal is one of the most known and popular healing crystals today. The rose quartz crystal is pink in color and may have some white or clear swirls. The most powerful energy the rose quartz holds is the power of healing. It is known to heal a broken heart, provide comfort for the weak, and give you a feeling of peace when you need it most. Not only is the rose quartz known for comfort, it is also the crystal you need when you are looking for love. The rose quartz has a love energy that is known to bring love into your life. If you are in the process of healing from a broken heart or taking the steps to find love, bringing a rose quartz into your home can change it all.

Clear Quartz. A clear quartz is also a very popular form of healing crystal and could be the most known. What makes a rose quartz healing crystal special is because it is completely clear but has a rainbow inside at certain times. The rose quartz is so important to have because it is known to soak in the positive energies surrounding you and completely expel the negative energies. It purifies the area and no matter where you take it, it will cleanse the energy world and only allow positive energies to be present.

Amethyst. Amethysts are a very popular healing crystal for their color. They range from light pink to bright purple in color and an absolute joy to look at. Like the clear quartz, it expels negative energies and welcomes positive energies. It is also known to clear your mind from clutter and help you focus. Amethysts can also affect your physical body. They are known to strengthen your immune system and eliminate imbalances. If you are going to take an exam in school, an amethyst can clear your mind and help you focus. If you are going to a job interview, an amethyst can calm your nerves.

Healing crystals really are an amazing addition to have in your home, workplace, or even everywhere you go. If you trust in their powers and truly believe that they can bring positive energies into your life, they will and they will not fail.

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