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Ideas On How To Decorate A Baby’s Nursery

Decorating a baby’s nursery can be a rewarding and time-consuming experience, as it is important to keep safety as the primary concern. All through the designing process, one needs to consider several important factors. Putting the nursery together for the new baby can be the most exciting part of parenthood and you ought to put a lot of thought into it so that it is safe and inviting.

The Layout

The baby’s crib should be close to the entrance so that you can get to it easily during the middle of the night without tripping on something. However, take care to see that you don’t place the crib near a window in order to avoid a chilly wind. The changing area or table for the baby can be placed nearby so that you don’t have to carry the baby all over the room for cleaning. Place a comfortable rocking chair near the window, so that you or the baby sitter could get a comfortable place to sit down, especially during late nights or in the early mornings. Cover the window with curtains that keep out the bright sunlight but allow good air circulation in the room. You can even add blinds along with the curtain in order to avoid bright sunlight from streaming into the room.

Pictures and Colors

It is a great idea to add some personal things to the nursery. For instance, you could put up some colorful family photographs above the changing table, so that the baby soon starts recognizing family members and familiar faces. While selecting colors, try avoiding red, as pastel shades like green, pinks or blues are more soothing to the eye. Decorate the walls with some creative art pieces that are not too expensive. You can even cut out and frame pictures taken from children’s books, frame them, and hang them up. The baby will soon start looking at these and find them interesting.

You can opt to have wallpaper on one wall or use a large graphic for visual stimulation. This makes the nursery stylish and is also very durable. Select youthful colors, so that you don’t have to change it as the baby starts growing a little older.

Selecting Items for the Nursery

While selecting different items in the nursery, take care to see that most of them are durable and also washable. Place rugs over the carpet as you never know when the carpet gets dirty due to sudden accidents. Add a dimmer to the nursery, as you can change the mood of the room when you don’t need the bright lights or when you want to read a bedtime story. This also saves on electric bills. Use some fun or playful accents in the nursery, such as a fun blanket or big wall letters. Make the room both functional and fun with these and more such ideas. You and your baby will be spending a good bit of time in the nursery, so you really want to think your plans through and provide a fun, loving, and inviting atmosphere for your baby.

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