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Decorating a Girl’s Room: From Pretty Princess to A Nature Theme

For girls, there is nothing like their bedroom. It is their own little world where they spend most of their time as they get older. With that being said, decorating a girl’s room can be a challenging, yet rewarding task. There are so many colors and themes to choose from and that sometimes could be confusing for you. It is obvious that you want to have a top-notch decorating style. Decoration of girls’ rooms could be done in two ways – theme rooms and color focused rooms.

The kind of decoration that you want to choose totally depends on your taste. If you like your room to be colorful, you can opt for color focused decoration or if you have a favorite character that you would want to have in your room, you can go for theme-based decoration. Here are some themes that you might like to consider:

The Princess Room

Every girl is the princess of her own little world. Girls like to dress up like a princess and like to be treated like one. With that in mind, most girls would love this theme for their bedroom. You could go for the traditional full pink or choose a more neutral color for your room and enhance the look with more accessories. When it comes to furniture and accessories, you can choose beds, chairs, picture frames and lighting fixtures that are regal yet not overstated. This gives a subtle and royal look to your room. Add a vanity and a little table where she can invite her friends for tea. You could also add shelves and begin collecting princess dolls for her to cherish throughout her childhood.

The Nature Themed Room

Girls are often associated with nature for their beauty and elegance. There is a wide range of options under this theme of decoration. From gardens to beaches, depending on one’s taste, one can choose any theme of decoration. However, gardens and beaches are two of the most popular themes. Starting with light yellow walls, you can decorate your garden themed room with floral print bed sheets, accessories in green color and a bunch of fresh flowers in a flower vase. If you are more of a beach person, you can consider choosing colors like blue, yellow and orange. You can consider adding a bamboo rug to the floor and decorate your room with shells and other beach souvenirs.

If you do not want to have a specific theme and like to keep it random and simple, you can consider the combination of pink and gray. Try decorating your room with pink and white-colored accessories and furniture and paint your walls gray. You are sure to love this combination.

Performing a Google image search on “decorating a girl’s bedroom” will suit you well to gather ideas for you. You and your girl can look at the pictures and different themes and pick and choose what you would like. Have fun with the project and include the whole family in the room transformation.

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