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How Divorce Can Make You a Better Woman

Too many women who are in unhappy relationships, or who are recently divorced, worry that it says something negative about their character. You might worry divorce means you were selfish, unwanted, or even a failure.

In most cases, that could not be further from the truth. Sometimes, divorce can make you a better woman.

Divorce Strengthens You

You know what they say– what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. When you go through a divorce, you find out what you’re really made of. Most likely, it’s of tougher stuff than you ever thought possible.

You Know What You Want

When you’re young and inexperienced, it’s hard to really know what you want in life. When you have suffered through a bad marriage or one that went bad, you come out knowing what you don’t want. This helps you get a much better handle on what you do want in life.

You Learn Your Faults

Your marriage not only taught you what you don’t want in a man; it also teaches you what you don’t want in yourself. A marriage on the rocks has a way of bringing out the worst in us. After the divorce, you can better identify what you didn’t like about yourself, and you know what to work on.

You Can Learn to Love Yourself More

Getting divorced can teach you a very important lesson: the most important relationship in your life is with yourself. Once you can step away from a failed marriage, you can begin to work on this, making yourself more of a priority in your life.

You Know Life Goes On

For years sometimes, the thought of losing your husband can feel like the end of the world. After the divorce, you realize the sun always rises, and a new day always comes. Every ending is a beginning, and you can look forward to a fresh start.

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