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Serving Someone When You Love Them – What Does That Mean?

Love is an interesting word and there are so many definitions for it. Love is perhaps one of the most common topics around the world because so many people are looking for love. Actually, loneliness is a huge complaint of many people and the love of a friend or partner would be enough to stop much of the loneliness.

If you are a person who says they want to be full of love, then you will have to act on that. You will have to become a person of service in some aspects because many times loving someone means being there for them, helping them when they need help, listening, and so on. Having a servant’s heart when it comes to love is a wonderful way to live.

How can you serve someone?

To be a servant doesn’t mean that you do all sorts of things for them. An act of love is service. It could be as simple as giving someone a warm smile while looking at them in the eyes. It could be helping a friend in a time of need, meeting your mother out for coffee, buying flowers for your lover, playing tag with your son, giving a stranger $20 because they look like they need it, and so much more. Random acts of kindness equal love.

Sure, you can love someone and not really serve them, but the quality of love won’t be that great. Love usually costs you something; perhaps your pride or comfort. Love and selflessness go hand in hand. Do you want to sit on the couch all evening being lazy while your partner cooks, cleans, and takes care of the kids or be selfless and help? That is love. Love is doing things even when you don’t feel like it. It’s giving when you might not want to or listening to a sad story when the big game is on. It’s putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to feel what they feel. It’s doing the next right thing.

Live life and love on purpose

Sometimes it’s easy to just get on a path of “me and mine” and forget that there are other people who need and want love. When is the last time you showed your partner affection or went out of your way for him or her? When is the last time you told your mother or father you loved them or did something sweet for them? When is the last time you spent quality time with your children; solely to delight and love on them?

Ask yourself these types of questions often. Check your heart every so often to make sure it’s thinking about more than itself. Performing love tasks can become a wonderful habit if you purpose to live life and love on purpose. Go ahead and make a list today of how you will love someone with some sort of kindness or service this week or month. Make a “love calendar” and keep track of what you do. Take pride in being a servant and think about all the joy you’ll be spreading throughout all the days of your life.

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