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Should You Wait for Your Partner?

Many people have experienced the person who is just not available. Whether it is physically or emotionally unavailable, these people tend to ask the one they are interested in to wait for them. They ask them to wait for their current relationship to end, wait for their broken heart to heal, or wait to see if you are the one they really want. The answer to this question is almost always a big fat NO. There are very common phrases a person will use when trying to get another person to wait for them.

I am just waiting for my partner to break up with me.

If you have been talking to someone who is currently in a relationship, the common thing they ask of you is to wait for their partner to break up with them. They may say “I don’t want to be the one to break their heart”, or “If I just give this relationship a little more time we can still be friends after we break up.” If you hear someone say these words to you, run. That person only wants you as a backup. First rule: Never talk romantically to someone who is already in a relationship.

I am not emotionally ready for a relationship.

This is probably the most common reason for them to ask you to wait. They may claim they just got out of a long relationship or they went through a terrible breakup, but the bottom line is they are unavailable. Though commendable, you might not want to wait for someone who is emotionally unavailable, as it can take months or years for them to become emotionally available. This will only cause heartbreak for you and could be a waste of time.

I am dating a few other people and haven’t decided who I want.

If you have been talking to someone who is currently dating other people, they are probably not ready for a stable and steady relationship. Those who date numerous people typically are just looking for fun and not a long term partner. Do not wait for them to ‘choose you’ but instead move on to someone who does want a long term relationship and can give you that now.

Being asked to wait for someone is almost always hurtful.

If you are looking for a long term relationship, stay away from the ones who are physically or emotionally unavailable, as it can cause numerous problems.

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