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Feng Shui And Clutter: What Does It Mean?

Feng Shui experts believe that people who may be having problems in their career or love life might be experiencing the trouble because of the way their homes are designed. In fact, more and more people are designing their homes according to the ancient Chinese philosophy because they believe in the principles. For example, the hit show, Big Brother, used Feng Shui to design and decorate the home used in the TV show to foster an environment of peace and harmony.

Feng Shui dates back 3000 years ago in China and has been used throughout the world since to create positive energy flow and bring harmony and positivity into spaces. Today, more and more home designers and architects are using the art of Feng Shui when designing for their clients.

What is Feng Shui?

A Feng Shui expert spends time learning about the energy of elements and chi, which is the universal energy underneath all things. Feng means wind and Shui means water. When these two elements are peaceful, it is a beautiful thing, but when they are fierce, much damage can occur. Feng Shui designers study Feng Shui and learn many rules when it comes to designing and decorating a home.

For example, Feng Shui believes that a home ought not be built at the end of a dead-end street, the door in your kitchen should not face the stove, and designers should steer clear of square pillars. Additionally, ceilings should not be low and they should have great lighting.

Yin and Yang Must Be Balanced

Designers and architects spend a good deal of time learning Feng Shui and how energy can freely flow through a home. They will stress open spaces and no cluttering. For energy to flow freely, Yin and Yang must be balanced in a delicate way to allow for optimal positivity in the home. Even if your home has already been built, you can hire a Feng Shui consultant to come in and help you make changes to allow furniture, plants, and odds and ends. It is well worth a consultation.

The idea that everything in the universe is energy is behind Feng Shui principles. When energies are aligned, peace and harmony will occur naturally. Many Feng Shui recipients boast about how they feel more at peace in their home and feel more inclined to relax instead of fret about this or that. You can use Feng Shui for any type of home, from a cabin in the woods to an upscale, modern home on the beach.

If you are interested in Feng Shui architecture, do some research online for designers and architects that are certified in Feng Shui. They will be happy to discuss your project with you and give you some ideas as to what you could do to Feng Shui your current or future home. Even if there are none in your immediate area, there are some that will assist you from a distance via Skype or telephone. You can send pictures and they can send you sketches and diagrams to assist you. Feng Shui is the way to go for peace and harmony!

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