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If You Want To Be Loved, Give Love

Every one wants to genuinely be loved, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like you are loved very much. Maybe you’ve been through a tough relationship or didn’t have the greatest childhood. Perhaps you’ve constructed a wall because you’ve been hurt so much in the past. I want to assure you that you can begin to feel loved and receive love again if you really want to.

One of the best ways to feel loved is to give it. In fact, mental health experts tell depressed patients that one of the best therapies they could engage in is to volunteer and be of service to others. The thinking behind this is that “as you give, you receive.”

Haven’t you ever given someone something and felt so good afterward? Perhaps it was a gift, a hug, or an act of service and afterward, you were floating on the clouds. That’s because you receive good feelings as you invest in others. You also receive a good dose of love. For example, if you dedicate a day to delighting in a child, loving him and having fun with him, he will certainly show you love back with hugs and laughter and you will feel wonderful.

How can you give love?
There are plenty of people who need love. It only takes a minimal amount of research to find someone you can show love to. You could even show love to animals and receive some love back. Look to those right around you. Do you have family you could show love to? Friends? Do you want to volunteer for the less fortunate? Try the soup kitchen or homeless shelter. I’m sure there are orphanages that would be blessed with your interest. Go ahead and make a list of people you could bless with loving words, gifts, or acts of service.

Make it a habit
Make it a habit to be loving toward all those you come into contact with. Maybe the clerk at the grocery store is having a bad day and your bright smile and little conversation could brighten her day. Perhaps your mom is struggling with depression lately and is feeling lonely. Maybe you could invite her out for dinner and surprise her with a small token of your love. Perhaps your partner is stressed out about something. Surprise him or her with a massage and a romantic evening. Do something. Anything. Just love!

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